Our Carnivals, Festivals & Street Fairs Contest, October 2016

Contest Ended

Rules & Prizes

  1. First Place prize: $250, Second Place prize: $100, Third Place prize: $50.
  2. Your images must be shot or processed on iOS devices or other mobile devices, solely. In other words, no desktop or laptop computer editing! All winning entries will be run through an EXIF Reader. If you use any apps that strip out EXIF data (there are far too many), we may ask you to send us the original unapped image to confirm that your work is mobile only.
  3. We can keep your email address and send you notifications in the future, in regards to your submissions, future contests, and other offers and promotions related to the magazine. We will never give your email address to a third party.
  4. You retain all rights to your images, but grant us usage of your images for promotion of the contest, the magazine, future contests, on our website, in the magazine, and in social media, as well as print and video. With attribution, of course.
  5. In the event that you win a first, second, or third place prize, you will help us, to the best of your abilities, to promote your winning, with a headshot of yourself, links to your work online or social media, if you wish, and a short bio and written interview. If you are terminally shy and want to avoid the limelight, we will not hold you to this!
  6. That’s about it. If you have entered one of our contests, and these terms and conditions change, we will try to notify you by email. And post on the site, as well.
  7. Thank you for entering!